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8 am-3 pm Saturdays


Symptoms Your Pet Has An Emergency

  • Lethargic, laying down and not moving
  • Vomiting/ and or Diarrhea
  • Unable to hold food or water down
  • Distended (bloated) abdomen
  • Feeling pain or sensitive at touch
  • Having difficulty in breathing-unusual excessive panting, shallow breathing, labored breathing.
  • Pale, white, grey mucous membrane (gums)- possible shock and or low blood pressure
  • Blue gum color- possible lack of oxygen
  • Brick red gum color- possible sepsis, early shock, hyperthermia
  • Brown gum color- possible acetaminophen toxicity
  • Unable to walk on front, back or all four legs such as limping or dragging legs
  • Bleeding
  • Seizures
  • Disoriented
  • Losing coordination when walking
  • Eye balls bobbing side to side and or with a tilted head
  • Swollen face, swollen paws, and or with hives
  • Straining and or unable to urinate
  • Bloody urine
  • Straining when defecating
  • Bloody stools

Common Types of Emergencies

  • Chocolate poisoning
  • Ingestion of Insect Pesticides
  • Ingestion of human Rx
  • Ingestion of household cleaner
  • Ingestion of rat poison
  • Ingestion of toxic plants
  • Ingestion of antifreeze
  • Ingestion of drugs such as marijuana
  • Urinary obstruction
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction
  • Gastrictortion (bloated)
  • Wounds / Laceration
  • Bite wounds
  • Hit by Car
  • Uterine infection
  • Head concussion due to a fall or blow to the head
  • Heat stoke
  • Seizures
Pets attacked by other dogs, cats or wild animals.
Even if there are no visible wounds an exam is still
recommended, because your pet may still have possible
internal, muscle, or bone injury.
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